Sunday, November 19, 2006

OK, there it is. My Day 1 story. Please note that I am actually NOT homophobic (and in fact, came to love everyone in that ward and was elected mayor of the gay psych ward, unanimously, a week later!). It was just a shockingly bad day.
OK, I am going to bed now.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Jury Duty, Part II I'm all done now. They didn't even call me in for an interview. So it was basically like a day at work... I read my book, and ate lunch. Oh well... back to work tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

while passing...
Hi my friends!!
A small moment for blogguer a little hi hi hi! that takes time to be occupied of small 4 years, I burst itself, it is choupinette! there it sleeps (nap)...
I wanted to thank all the bloggueurs and bloggueuses who went to sign the petition for the small Denise. If it is not done yet, go on the article of yesterday... all the bonds are there...
Ben, with dimensions moral, that goes about, tired just a little, after two nights presques white... good, I will récupèrerai at the next holidays lol... and worse like it known as Bon Jovi: "i' ll sleep when i' m dead"; -)
I will work this after midday, course to be prepared or copies to be corrected, I tate still...
here, not other news, the re-entry approaches with great steps...
kisses with all
you zadoooore

I want to drink a kriska;there one has, not, two in the refrigerator.such an amount of better because there is nothing any more to eat... it is pulling of cord in this moment.it is funny a little but that wearies afterwards.a restaurant? hé not it holy Valentine is it, the day or it is politically correct to like and to be invited to the restaurant.then it is full. fortunately a good heart which is our friend is proposed to lead us to eat!mac C which more is! oh puts marvellous, if rare!sandwich and so gouteuses and marrowy fatty chips.that fete, that!with a kriska!I always believed that alcohol killed the malicious germs, and after my owner coughed me in the figure of the germ out of bar, is necessary that I drink a trick me!cleansing I say to you.the evening started well... one bought bonbecs with the newsagent (of the schtroumfs! crocodiles!) one will eat mac C... mhmm malbouffe, I love you!

this night it snowed at home approximately 15 cm, which I am content!but good is necessary to go to the job, and to lead in snow... I do not have chains. not engraves, chuis without fear and fear.thus I gently take the road all... then at one time, a small slope which leans towards a ditch (evidemment, if not it is not funny, that has less of taste.)and conveys it which goes towards the ditch, and which does not do what I want... to go stop... stop.... STOOOOOOOOP!!!!!ouf, not fallen in ditch, fixed, but not fallen.then I set out again but of the blow I tremble, that made me flipper so much that my body trembles.... héhé funny.thus I continue and my leg which presses on the clutch trembles so much that I start to laugh!!I laugh, I enough, to feel this leg to tremble like that!and I say myself "not not does not laugh"..... "is not necessary to laugh, is not necessary to laugh!!!!" and I enough of more beautiful.I nevertheless put 1 half hour to make 3 kms....not badly!but it rains on snow, that fears, one can same step statement "ohhh it is beautiful!!!!!"one says "whore of shit!!! it is wet!!"here.

Let us try not to make sordid.but I believe that the more one ages, the more one is confronted with died of those which one connait.and it is necessary to be done there.but ç' is abstracted a little, a little remote, one is said, yes yes a day my father, my mother, my sister will die but quickly quickly one thinks of another thing because one does not like to think of that.Moreover, it is a grigri effect not to evoke the horrible one with its spirit, as that that does not arrive!moreover I should not speak about it.I will erase can be the message in fact, one will see.I require to speak about it now, because I am afraid that those which I like die, and there are strong chances so that that arrives soon for some.but you will say to me, it is idiotic since each one can die tomorrow without preventing.thus what has one to make, to be unaware of death? or to prevent it, but in this case, to always think of it? (like me: exhausting)it is a little without exit, moreover if quequ' has a nice philosophical sentence which helps to think of it more, or even to accept it, I am taking, and much of people will find also there their happiness, I believe.I do not even speak about my characteristic not died, because that there unfortunately, I would not be there to speak about it afterwards.thus useless.then here.I believe that my technique consists of liking all that I does: to eat, drink, laugh, like, run, arrange, think, all these very material things but which make all our life finally, and which return to me happy.to like death, it is necessary to like to live?if I arrive at penetrer this sentence, I very gained.

which misery to be with work... I have so much intelligent things to make at home....and time is stretched and lasted interminably......fuck!
whore of bloody hell!!!my testicles!

Why did I keep my pretty pink coat to arrange in the deuche???However I know it that it is dirty a car, finally especially under the cap!pfff really chuis that a slattern!I will have to also put on my small leather glove hold to go to take down the battery! hein?and maintaining my sleeves pink pale are dirty.it is my knack, that to arrange into clean! I nothing can there if I have anything ugly and salts to put to me!then here.
such an amount of worse

I am reading a book on Zen.the principle is cool, considering are judicious for you nothing to wish, nothing to fear (even not a wild boar vis-a-vis with you in nature), and nothing to fear.in short, it is even the attitude "not badly" which preaches.thus times I involve myself, parce more one often does it, plus it walks.and as our way of living is rather distant from this concept, it is not easy.the trick it is of living à.fond all that occurs, even if it is a large shit and saying for example, when your house take fire, "it is thus, the things are such and I live them intensely"héhé, cool, hein?good I exaggerate a little.
then this morning, when I washed myself and that water became suddenly cold, I was said, Zen, "mhmm like I intensely live this moment, mhmm ha yes there I feels well that water is cold""whore of bloody hell which this water whore is cold!!!"good I missed a little on the end, but the spirit was there.then, hold when my owner irritates me, which very frequently arrives, and well I try to observe my enervement and to leave there.it goesa little.but I also sees itself catching the central processing unit of the ordi and inserting to him the whole in the mouth, and the mouse in the ********ah hold and for the desires:for example, be judicious nothing to wish for you; cool, seemingly, like that you expenditure nothing, you eat anything...but... how to say, when you are in front of small the high marvellous one, or beautiful shoes, or - more terre.à.terre - the piece of cheese delisous posed on fresh bread, or the mouthful of sauce rabbit to the wine, or the smoked salmon, or...(WHORE!!!!!!! ah yes it is almost 10h00, I am already hungry)finally here is Ben there you say "heu. not not thank you. I am Zen I do not wish anything, that goes."
ouais my testicles yes!, you puff out the piece, you puts the shoes, you thread the small one high, and be HAPPY for you!ah whore, I will not arrive there...

and here, yesterday I brought back my tite deuche to the house.one had left to repair it low there, with the garage, then gnon says to me, bôô to go one will bring back it, as that you will be able to clean it, to arrange above...knack!!!!!but first of all, heu... it explained me how speeds are passed, because it is not as in a normal car, the lever on the ground, etc...not, the lever is on the dashboard, and is necessary to draw towards oneself and the left to pass the first, to push à.fond straight for the second, etc...gifts I tested in a way before taking the road, because it is nevertheless not obvious, it is not same the reflexes.but that went, then I left in front of, and gnon behind in my cox.and whaou!!! how it is owl!good I did not go very quickly, and it appears that I rolled a little in the medium, but is necessary that I abitue, hein? it is a blow to be taken. moreover it is puffing like a deuche, what but that does not change me my cox 1200 which is quite puffing too!but which soft noise that this small engine, nice and without to blows, it carried out me at home quiet and beautiful.I was super content, jumping everywhere, current to seek hot water a bucket, product, washing with sponge (in spite of the cold and the wind!).and then, I even put myself at him polisher the cap which is rather in good condition.how I am proud and happy!! I have hate also to clean the interior to him, to make him a p' tit relookage with pretty fabrics.Indian style bollywood I want well.in short, I like that and soon I roll with!

Is necessary that I speak about that.The aperitif, it is the last word in the relation, fashionable or not!it is the trick to be made before knowing or to know qqun.it is the convivial trick of the summer especially, favourable with the festival and the vice.there are new neighbors? Aperitif! one recoit of people? Aperitif!! it does not matter puffs out it, in fact, the aperitif precedes and stuffs the body of calories indigérable which make pass the meal for insipid.Moreover, when an aperitif is made, that made style, that made décontract and connected, even if one is beauf with death.does all the world like the aperitif, it universal and is awaited (all the boozers??)in short, one can y murger from the very start, according to the style of the evening, for example if it is one evening with prevalent shitting, or puéricultante, it is increasingly funnier when one is stuffed.moreover, with jeun, alcohol stuffs the liver and passes more quickly in blood, and that turns to death.then even when the roscotte say that it was dilated to six and that it nevertheless passed, Ben are to you à.fond with it, t'en redemande!and it is glad to tell the immode to remember, and you you make serious the social one!alcohol social drink! alcohol maker of friends!for saying tricks which one does not even say to oneself.one tells tricks which do not have any report/ratio but all is done so that that have some! It is true that it is with a tear which I remembers these so soft and so long evenings of summer, with some friends, with drinking a fraiche bottle of champ' to start....he is dawning and he is 21h00.... wear to you a tee-shirt and do not have you cold... are to you well.

Everyone has I suppose a diary or to organize, or even small mildewed notebook or one notes tricks which serve only one time, or of the small sketches, of the ideas lists of races.this is not only to find this small notebook which recalled one moment of our life, that made hot in the heart.if that made well a long time that it was not seen, moreover, it is as if one read the newspaper, or the diary of qqun of other.me I like.in fact since one moment, I try each day to note in my diary the strong points, or my ideas, or same of the images which I liked.that made of pretty pages that I like to divide into sheets, not to remind itself, but like one feuillete a pretty book full with images.yesterday I had an idea. I from time to time pourais scanner some of these pages and to put them in my blog.when my scanner works well on, or when I can bring my Ag to the job.héhé good day with all!

Friday, March 03, 2006

"does not drop it, it is so fragile, being a released woman you know it is not so easy..."
Thursday evening, I was contacted by a journalist of a national daily newspaper, which "draws" with 700.000 specimens. For which reason, why me... I will say it to you.
With the occasion of the exit of a book written by a woman, of which I forgot the title, treating, if I am not mistaken, of the femininity assumed freely after 50 years, my interview will be used of "testimony".
Yes, I lived about thirty, forty, around fifty, and I am at the beginning of the about sixty. And then?
What makes that a "sexygénaire" can neither be softened, nor collapsed, assumes its wrinkles, its defeats, its victories over time? Undoubtedly because this "time"... it does not look at it. Or to be more exact, it it "does not see" not the sexygénaire that I am. I have other subjects well to feed my existence.
With the question "and the menopause, how you lived it?"... I had a hesitation. I had lived it, me? Yes, undoubtedly since at the time I had written to a paper with the evocative title "the Nopause mother, this old cow". Not, I felt "not reached" in my femininity. I even found the positive one there... You return-account? More need to embark everywhere its "leak-preventers" if... More anguishes on their capacity not to betray... Only happiness loosely...
We spoke pace, style... Oui, at 60 years, I have Converse pink... but I can also get dressed "smart". Yes, by far I PRECISE, the girlfriends of my daughter said sometimes... one would have sworn that it was "it". Not, my daughter does not get dressed "mémère", not, I do not get dressed "Lolita". "Very Counter of the Cotton plants" was me asked ? Ben yes... it is even almost completely that...
Then a question of the journalist... among others: "How you think, how you see in 10 years... at 70 years?".
No the answer to provide him to feed its article. Impossible to project me in 10 years whereas there is to crunch each day so much, and that I do not want to drop the least crumb from than I live.
And not... I did not always have an easy life. There are pains, dramas, and I do not speak about divorce or separation. That is nothing... there is quite worse. Even today, it is not always simple.
But I gave him the conclusion. The AGE It IS A STATE OF MIND! One day you will also have 60 years you, and if that worries you, think of the sexygénaire of the blog which crunches the life without decay of the existence, because there is not better apple to crunch... than the life!
To conclude and laugh... my photograph with 700.000 specimens, that will interest perhaps at least a reader!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Lucy 2 more days!i'm really starting to get impatient now (and really starting to haul ass on my Fannie-assigned reading). there just seems to be a million other things to pack, even though the moving company had already shipped out most of my stuff. aside from the TV, VCR, and computer, most of it's my clothes and girlie make-up things...my mom took my cousin and me to AppleBee's last night, where i successfully brought my tastebuds back to 1997 by ordering a porterhouse steak and a blondie bowl for dessert! i also successfully tuned out my 103-pound cousin's dieting-whines. the food was -- to quip sonia's resounding approval -- SO GOOD. #

Friday, February 10, 2006

Hello :)

Hello :)